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As we move into a difficult economic climate Business Continuity is now more vital than ever. Businesses that are disrupted for any reason will need to ensure that they have planned and thought through events which may impact their ability to service their client base, If they don’t then competitors will be.  Market share once lost is difficult to regain and a client’s sympathy will soon run out if a business cannot produce the good or service required.

Contingency planning helps you to react rapidly and effectively in the event of a major incident to ensure that the business continues to function without interruption.

Our consultants work with a business to underpin their systems that will start to support the operation before insurance kicks in or cover stops.

Our systems can be tested regularly to make sure that personnel are familiar with them and understand their importance. This reduces confusion and ineffective management at a time of crisis and promotes improved recovery time scales.

Typical Examples of Major Incidents

  • Product Contamination (accidental or deliberate)
  • Fraud
  • Attack (Arson / Theft)
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Loss of Records or Systems
  • Communication loss

Veritas Risk Management will evaluate the differing business threats that your company faces and prioritise the plan accordingly following this evaluation.

We act as a Co-ordinator and Advisor to guide you through the process. We are also able to assess the system independently of any business constraint. Thus allowing you the peace of mind that the procedures in place are the best suited to you.

Remember that even with insurance it is important for you to get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

To date our consultants have worked with Major Retailers, Property Owners, Finance Houses, Investment Banks and Hotels.

We are also proud of our ability to spot the unusual in any business having been the first Risk Consultants to identify the risk to High End Hotel and Restaurant businesses posed by the loss of a Michelin Star Chef and the business implications of such an event.

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